Using threads with Unity

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Unity + multiple threads = nope? Multithreading is an ability of processor to execute multiple threads concurently. Each thread execute sequence of programming instructions. So in theory you

Happy Easter

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Easter reminds us that hope must never be lost for as dark as the road may seem, there always lies light at the end of it.

Why clean code is important - Part 2

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Clean code – what next? Welcome in the second part of article about clean code. Last time we talked about importance of naming in programming and idea

Interactive books

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Many people believed that digital media like ebooks or apps would lead to the death of printed books and magazines. How wrong they were? In overall,

How version control can save your life

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Is it worth to use version control system? Many of Unity developers work alone. They often start from youtube tutorials from which it’s worth to


Why clean code is important - Part 1

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Clean code Nowadays, developers are relatively easy to start creating their own games. They can easily find tons of tutorials on youtube, vimeo, blogs (like this

How to make the perfect game pitch

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The pitch is one of the most important parts of creating the success of any video game. It's funny, but most developers do not pass the

Most important questions from game publishers

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For now, most important goal for any game publisher is finding successful titles over and over again in a market of three million apps. On the

Animation scripting in Unity

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Why animation are good for your game? At start I think, I don't need to explain anybody what is animation, right? We can bring to life

We are coming to Nintendo Switch!

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Nintendo Switch reveal got the gaming community really excited. For us even more! Why? We have a chance to develop for new platform!. For now, we